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Web Design Studio Kentavr
offers a range of services including website design, system repairs, upgrades, networking facilities and support information to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing....

with us yours web-sites
are cheaper at 50%

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We have been Awarded by GoldenWebAward with first prize

We have been awarded by GodenSite

with second prize

Kentavr Group Norway
postbox413 Sentrum,
4002 Stavanger
Phone: 0047 98 833 426

Bank: Sparebanken Vest postbox 7999, 5020 Bergen. Kontonr. 3470 15 04382 SWIFT: SPAV NOBBdating
Kentavr Group Moldova
Kentavr Design Studio
Corporate office in Moldova
Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
Entuziastov street 10 of. 325
Phone: +37322-47-14-45
GSM: +373-79551113



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