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Web design, programming, interior design

Site e-card
Widespread enough kind of presence at the Internet because of simplicity and cheapness. It is the element of firm style containing a minimum of the information. It is used by the beginning organizations, small enterprises and private persons.

An average web site
the Purpose of creation - to give more detailed information on firm and its most interesting offers, and also to answer questions of potential clients and to remove loading from traditional liaison channels.

An information serve
the Purpose of creation - in details to acquaint visitors with the information on production interesting them and services. Has sufficient information filling. Allows to increase quantity of orders due to access of constant and new clients (especially removed) to fuller, in comparison with other sources, information on production interesting them and services

Corporate server
the Purpose of creation - granting of the detailed information on the company, in detail to acquaint with productions / services of the company, to organize a feedback with potential clients, to provide complex information interchange with counterparts in a mode of real time, to provide complex information interchange with branches in a mode of real time.

Exclusive web site
the Purpose - creation web a site with original design, system of navigation. For giving to registration of a site of appeal technologies Flash, Java can be used. The web-interface is connected to a site, allowing to edit the maintenance of the chosen sections... Our site approaches under this category.

the Purpose of creation the Internet of shop - decrease in loading on a trading department due to independent acquaintance and a choice of goods / services by visitors, automation of an extract of accounts or payments with use of credit cards. Development the Internet of shop will allow to leave also on the removed regions.

Promotion in Internet
Promotion web a site is the most important part of advertising in a network the Internet without which web a site loses sense of existence

Flash sites, intros, presentations, games
Flash-is the best tehnology for interactive site, presentation in internet and offline works

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